Taylors started out building outdoor furniture and children’s toys in wood.

The first piece of plastic furniture was built in 1990 and the company changed to Taylor Made Wood & Plastic. Taylors began selling only plastic furniture in 1994 and became incorporated under Taylors Recycled Plastic Products Inc. in 1998. The company moved to their present location on County Road 28, Bailieboro in 1999, working out of the existing workshop. They have since expanded, building a new shop in 2003 with further expansions in 2010.

In November 2023 founder Brooke Taylor retired. The business underwent new
ownership, moving into Peterborough Ontario, but still carrying on the tradition of hand-crafting quality recycled plastic
outdoor furniture.

Taylors started as a seasonal business but now operates year round. We welcome you to purchase "factory-direct" or you can find our products at our preferred retail partners. (Coming soon!)


We are very proud of how far we have come and the things we have been able to achieve. We look forward to the future and all the wonderful things that we can create for and with our customers.


Made in Peterborough, Ontario


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We are very proud of how far we have come and the things we have been able to achieve. We look forward to the future and all the wonderful things that we can create for and with our customers.
Taylor's Plastics is a shining example of how businesses can make a positive impact on the planet. Their creative solutions for reusing plastic are both impressive and necessary in today's world. I'm proud to support such an environmentally conscious company!
Joe Smith

In The Community

Join us at Taylors Plastics, where we’re not just transforming plastic waste; we’re building a sustainable future for our community. Together, we’re turning plastic into valuable materials, reducing waste, and making a positive impact on the environment. Join our mission today!

Purple Onion Festival

Taylors has sponsored 5400 seedlings of white pine, norway spruce and red oak to be planted in the Peterborough area to help reduce our carbon foot print.


The Purple Onion Festival supports the local food revolution in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

Frequently asked question

Our furniture is crafted from 100% recycled plastic, primarily sourced from post-consumer materials like milk jugs and water bottles. This not only makes our furniture eco-friendly but also ensures it is durable and maintenance-free.

Recycled plastic is an incredibly sturdy material that resists weathering, rot, and decay. It can withstand extreme temperatures, from scorching heat to freezing cold, and it will not fade under UV exposure, ensuring your furniture looks new for years.

Absolutely! We offer a range of color options to suit your style and can accommodate custom size requests. Our team will work with you to ensure the furniture meets your specific needs and preferences.

We stand behind the quality of our products with a 20-year warranty against cracking, peeling, or rotting. Our furniture is built to last, and we are committed to customer satisfaction.

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of our furniture is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. It doesn’t require painting, staining, or waterproofing. You can simply clean it with soap and water to keep it looking great.

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