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Taylor Plastics manufactures comfortable and stylish furniture made from recycled plastic. We provide our customers with an environmentally friendly and maintenance-free alternative to wood furniture that can withstand any conditions and weather. 

Recycled Plastic Lumber & Sheeting Supplier

Taylors Recycled Plastics supplies a wide-array of profiles and colours of 100% recycled plastic lumber. Whether you need one board or a large volume for residential, commercial, or institutional projects, we have the dimensions and colours you are looking for. Call us for a quote today!


Taylor's uses recycled plastic to reduce waste.


Products match or exceed traditional materials


Leading advancements in recycled plastic materials.

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Join our green revolution with furniture that doesn't cost the earth. Browse our range of stylish, maintenance-free furniture made entirely from high-quality recycled plastics. Shop with us and contribute to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Custom Solutions

Your perfect fit, sustainably sourced. Get furniture that matches your exact specifications with our made-to-order service, ensuring no resources go to waste. Provide your dimensions, and we'll craft your eco-friendly furniture to your precise needs.

Recycling with a Purpose

Every piece we create has a story of transformation. From plastic waste to your new favorite chair, we're committed to repurposing recyclable materials into durable, stylish furniture. Learn how we turn plastics into long-lasting treasures.

Delivered with Care for the Planet

From our workshop to your doorstep, we ensure that every step is eco-conscious. Your new recycled plastic furniture will arrive ready to enjoy, with the assurance that your purchase supports environmental sustainability.

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Frequently asked question

Our furniture is crafted from 100% recycled plastic, primarily sourced from post-consumer materials like milk jugs and water bottles. This not only makes our furniture eco-friendly but also ensures it is durable and maintenance-free.

Recycled plastic is an incredibly sturdy material that resists weathering, rot, and decay. It can withstand extreme temperatures, from scorching heat to freezing cold.

Absolutely! We offer a range of color options to suit your style and can accommodate custom size requests. Our team will work with you to ensure the furniture meets your specific needs and preferences.

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of our furniture is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. It doesn’t require painting, staining, or waterproofing. You can simply clean it with soap and water to keep it looking great.

We stand behind the quality of our products with a 20-year warranty against cracking, peeling, or rotting. Our furniture is built to last, and we are committed to customer satisfaction.

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